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Web Design is very subjective and thankfully most customers have a vision of how they would like their website to look, however in true reality the consumer always has the last say. From flashy designs to plain and simple the ultimate goal is to engage and inform the visitor.

However the key objective of a website is to market your business, generate enquiries with a call to action or encourage sales via your online shopping cart. At SEO Marketing Consultancy we take time to understand your business requirements and objectives which will deliver a website fit for purpose and ongoing success.

Many web designers pride themselves in their creativity which is understandable but it has been proven time and again that a website has to meet two important criteria’s:

!) Attractive enough to please the visitor, easy to navigate, provide the product or information the customer is looking for, with the ability to contact the business owner.

2) The second criteria is pacifying the needs of the search engines with the correct optimisation on the website, this area is critical to the success of your website in any competitive niche.

SEO Marketing Consultancy has helped many web designers get the second criteria correct on behalf of their clients, who on many occasions ask the question why has the web designer missed these fundamental requirements when building the website.

We are able to offer a website that meets both criteria’s at a sensible and affordable price with excellent functionality, secure UK hosting and support from dedicated professionals.

Web Design

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